About the SMHC


The SMHC is over 600 member hikers and outdoors enthusiasts who love the Smokies and the mountains of East Tennessee.

We have a longstanding tradition of hiking, fellowship, volunteerism, and conservation, following in the footsteps of our early leaders such as Harvey Broome, Carlos Campbell, and Jim Thompson. In 2009, we celebrated our eighty-fifth year as a club.

Each week, we conduct hiking outings, primarily in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and also in the surrounding areas.

Another primary activity of the SMHC is the maintenance of the Appalachian Trail within the GSMNP. Club members put in hundreds of man-hours annually in volunteer trail and shelter maintenance activities.

Our members are committed to conservation and protection of our natural areas by actively organizing opposition to short-sighted development in the Smokies and the adjacent areas.

If you love the great outdoors, join with others who share your passion for hiking and for protecting our wild places. You will find a place to belong with the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club.