SMHC Member Code of Ethics


My recreational standards shall inspire me so to conduct myself while hiking- either with the Club or independently-
that the pleasure to be had by others shall be a little greater for my acts.

In view of this, it is my duty as a Hiker:

  • To guard the reputation of the Club to the end that no censure will prevent any from enjoying its benefits.
  • To adopt, as my own, the regulations of the National Park Service as applied to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • To carry no firearms in the Park, or elsewhere, on any scheduled hike.
  • To protect Nature's beauty and wild life from damage or destruction.
  • To build fires only when necessary, and then with none but dead and down timber.
  • To leave a clean trail, unlittered camp, and a dead fire.
  • To be ready with hiking information and a welcome to visitors.
  • To lighten the burden of the leaders by my hearty cooperation.
  • To contribute, when a leader, to the enjoyment of others by the faithful performance of my duties.
  • To cooperate with the officers of the Club for the betterment of hiking.


This is the historic SMHC Code of Ethics, in existence since the earliest days of the Club.