Be a Financial Donor


The Smoky Mountains Hiking Club is largely funded by membership dues, but we do accept monetary donations to help underwrite the cost of our Appalachian Trail maintenance work. We have been able to rebuild all 15 shelters in the Smokies with your help, and are currently replacing all the shelter privies with the latest mouldering design. These are costly projects since materials must be flown in by helicopter, at a cost of $2000 and up per hour. Also, funds are used for such projects as the renovation of the Soak Ash Creek base camp house, that will be used to house AT trail crews and training events. Monies collected by the Club are also distributed to partner hiking organizations as the Board of Directors oversees.

The Smoky Mountains Hiking Club is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all donations in excess of membership dues are tax-deductible.