Click here for the SMHC information brochure and here for the SMHC Membership Application.

Prospective members must be at least 16 years of age, and must agree to abide by the Club’s Code of Ethics.

Annual dues for "regular membership" are $20; dues for additional family members living at the same address are $2 each. A copy of the current SMHC Handbook and the monthly Club Newsletter are sent to regular members. Two additional classes of membership have been established which augment the funds available for conservation work: "supporting membership" at $30, or more, which covers an entire family, as does "life membership" at $750 (paid once). The amount of a supporting membership over the $20 regular membership is tax-deductible, however the life membership is not tax-deductible.

Your dues cover the annual operating expenses of the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club. All Board members serve on a volunteer basis and do not receive any compensation. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which means that contributions, outside of basic dues, are IRS tax-deductible.

Your dues not only help support the work of the SMHC and its Appalachian Trail Maintainers' Committee, but also a number of sister outdoor and conservation organizations, such as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. We encourage all members to consider renewing each year as supporting members, and also encourage members and the general public to make contributions to the SMHC in support of our trail maintenance and conservation activities.

Members may choose to receive their monthly Newsletters either  in PDF form attached to an email or by U.S. Postal Service. This choice may be changed at any time via an email sent to the editor, Don Dunning, at dedz1 at aol dot com.

On July 7, 2008, the Board of Directors voted to drop the long-standing requirement to do three Club hikes before applying for initial membership. However, the Club still requires members to participate in three Club hikes (or in A.T. Work Trips – which count as 2 hikes) before being eligible to lead hikes for the Club, or to serve on the SMHC Board of Directors. The Event Signup Sheets form the official record of participants — so please write legibly, easing the job of the membership committee person who tallies this information.

Extra Handbooks are available from the Club Treasurer for $5, post-paid. Contact Tim Bigelow at bigelowt2 at mindspring dot com.

We now have PayPal payments available. You may join on a one-time basis each year or choose a one-time life membership.

You choose between printing out the SMHC PDF application form above, and postal mailing a check, or if you have a PayPal account, simply click on the buttons below to start the membership process.

Important! When applying for membership through Paypal, before you start the PayPal process, please go here for the SMHC Membership Application, print it, and fill it out. We will need a mailed copy of the membership application in addition to your PayPal payment. Thank you.


A note for membership applications and renewals, regarding processing time:

Membership applications and renewals, depending on what part of the month they are received, may require as long as a month for checks to clear and handbooks to be mailed out. After mailed applications are picked up, the application will be usually processed within a week. We are a volunteer-based hiking club, and do not have a staffed office to be able to immediately process applications. Again, be patient and please allow up to a month for your confirmation and handbook.

One-payment Membership Dues:

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Family Membership Dues:
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for $2 annually.

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Discounts Available to Members

Mast General Store in downtown Knoxville offers a 10% discount to SMHC members on purchases of outdoor clothing and equipment.

Club members receive a discount of 10% on purchases made at River Sports Outfitters, with locations at 2918 Sutherland Avenue and 11808 Northshore Drive in Knoxville.

Club members also receive a discount for pontoon ferry services at Fontana Marina, located on Fontana Lake in North Carolina, just over the ridge from the dam access. Details are subject to change, but as of August 2009, they are offering round trip ferry service to Hazel Creek or Eagle Creek for $20.00 per person for 20 or more people.

Discounting merchants may require proof of membership. This could either be in the form of a current membership card, or showing your name in the membership directory at the end of the current year Club handbook.

There may be other similar outfitter, retail and shuttle service businesses offering a discount. When in doubt, ask! If they don't currently offer a discount, ask them if they will consider doing so in the future.