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Upcoming events

    • 12/11/2022
    • 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • The Foundry, 747 Worlds Fair Park Dr., Knoxville, TN

    We are pleased to be able to resume our Holiday Installation Banquet tradition this year, in a lovely spacious venue!

    • 4:30-5:30pm Music, Cash Bar and Snacks
    • 5:30-6:30pm Welcome, Dinner and Fellowship
    • 6:30-7:00pm 2023 Officer Installation, Awards
    • 7;00-7:45pm Guest Speakers, Nancy East and Chris Ford
    • 7:45pm-8pm 2023 Handbook Distribution
    About our speakers: Nancy East and Chris Ford re-established the Fastest Known Time to hike all of the trails in the Smokies as a way to support Preventative Search and Rescue in the Smokies. Their talk however is not just about establishing speed records, but about their motivations, inspirations and experiences on the trails, especially related to SAR issues. Nancy has written a book about their adventure called Chasing the Smokies Moon.

    Register and pay online OR print and mail the registration form with your payment. You may pay at the door, but please note, we must know if your plans change so the Club will not be charged for an extra dinner. We look forward to seeing you!

    • 12/14/2022
    • 8:45 AM
    • Cades Cove Loop Entrance, GSMNP

    For this classic Smokies hike, we will start at the entrance to Cades Cove loop road. This counter clockwise hike begins 0.5mi on Rich Mountain Loop Trail and then we turn right on Crooked Arm Ridge ascending for 2.1 mi. As we climb, weather permitting, there should be excellent views of Cades Cove, the Great Smokies main range, Dry Valley and Tuckaleechee Cove. At the next junction we turn left for 1.8 mi. on Indian Grave Gap Trail. We will have lunch on Cerulean Knob (3,686 ft. elev.) After lunch, we continue 0.8 mi. passing the Rich Mountain trail junction and will turn left rejoining the Rich Mountain Loop trail. We complete the loop descending 2.0 mi. on a rocky section of the Rich Mountain Loop Trail. We will visit the log cabin of John Oliver, one of the early settlers in Cades Cove and then continue 1.4mi to our starting point. Total 8.6 miles, 1,958 ft. elevation gain. Meet at Food City in Alcoa to leave at 8:00 am or at the entrance to Cades Cove loop road to begin hiking at 8:45 am. Drive 56 miles RT at $0.10 / mile = $5.60.

    Leader: Larry Johnson

    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

    • 12/17/2022
    • 9:15 AM
    • Steiner Bell Lodge parking lot, 3610 East Parkway, Gatlinburg

    For this hike along historic Old Settlers Trail, we'll leave some cars at the Steiner Bell resort parking lot, then shuttle ourselves further down the road to the pull-out for the Tyson-McCarter barn. We'll visit the Tyson-McCarter barn, then start hiking west on OST. There are fine chimneys, rock walls, and the remote grave of Johnny Ramsey to see. There are some creek crossings, but this leader will scout the section we'll be hiking close to time, and let you know conditions. We are also starting further west than the original hike description in the 2022 handbook to avoid some of the bigger crossings near the Cosby end of OST. Hike approximately 8 miles. Rated moderate-difficult (some off-trail). Meet at Strawberry Plains Cracker Barrel promptly at 8am or at Steiner Bell Lodge parking lot, 3610 East Parkway, Gatlinburg, at 9:15am. RT mileage 80 miles from Cracker Barrel= $8.00.

    Leader: Diane Petrilla and Brain Worley

    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

    • 12/21/2022
    • 8:45 AM
    • Shelter C, Old Mac trailhead, Frozen Head State Park

    This hike starts with Old Mac trail to Spicewood Trail. After we hike this trail, we will hike another mile on the Chimney Top trail to Mart Field (a campsite). After a break, we will hike back down to the junction for Frozen Head Tower and hike up to the tower for lunch. After lunch, we will head down the North Old Mac trail to the parking lot. Total mileage: 10.5 miles, 2,000 feet elevation gain. The hike is rated difficult. For those wanting a bit more challenging uphill hike after the break at Mart Field, they can continue on the Chimney Top trail for six more miles and 1,300 additional feet of elevation gain. By choosing this option, they will end up at the Park Office which is only a very short distance from where all of us parked at Shelter C to begin this hike to the Spicewood trail. This option total mileage: 10.2 miles total, 3,300 feet elevation gain, rated as difficult. Meet at Books A Million in Oak Ridge ready to leave at 8:00 a.m. or Shelter C, Old Mac trailhead at 8:45. RT Drive 50 miles ($5.00).

    Leader: Larry Johnson

    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

Past events

12/03/2022 Ijams Boardwalk and Quarries
11/30/2022 Wednesday Hike: Cooper Road to Little Bottoms Lollipop
11/26/2022 Lead Cove, Bote Mountain, Finley Cane Loop
11/19/2022 Mt. Sterling Loop
11/12/2022 Norris Watershed and Norris Dam State Park
11/12/2022 Off Trail Hike: Meigs Mountain
11/09/2022 Wednesday Hike: Mingus Creek Trail to Deeplow Gap Trail and Beyond
11/05/2022 Oak Ridge North Ridge Trail
11/04/2022 Fontana Lake Clean Up Event
10/30/2022 Easy Hike: Haw Ridge, Scenic East Side Trails along Melton Hill Lake (Sunday)
10/29/2022 Map Marker: Mt. Cammerer via Low Gap and Lower Mt Cammerer
10/29/2022 Off Trail Hike: Miner Stairs of Leadmine Ridge and Mount Cammerer
10/26/2022 Wednesday Hike: Low Gap to Mt. Cammerer Out and back
10/22/2022 Hemphill Bald Loop
10/15/2022 Needles Eye, Big South Fork (Out and Back)
10/08/2022 Map Marker: Hannah Mountain and Rabbit Creek Trails
10/05/2022 Wednesday Hike: Nemo Bridge to Breakaway Bluff and beyond, Cumberland Trail
10/01/2022 AT Work Trip
09/24/2022 AT Family Hike: Sugarland Mountain Trail to Indian Gap
09/23/2022 Easy Hike on UT Agriculture Campus
09/17/2022 Twin Arches at Big South Fork
09/17/2022 AT Work Trip
09/17/2022 Backpack from Cades Cove to Spence Field Shelter
09/14/2022 Wednesday Hike: Jakes Creek, Cucumber Gap, Little River, and CS 23 to Goshen Prong Trail
09/10/2022 Fontana Lake and Hazel Creek Paddle
09/07/2022 Wednesday Hike: Jakes Creek and Meigs Mountain Trails to CS 19
09/03/2022 Jackson Bend Branch of the East Lakeshore Trail
08/28/2022 Map Marker: Noland Creek and Lower Noland Divide Trails
08/27/2022 Easy Hike: UT Arboretum
08/24/2022 Wednesday Hike: Middle Prong Trail to Indian Flats Falls
08/20/2022 AT Work Trip
08/20/2022 Map Marker: Long Bunk and Little Cataloochee Trails
08/13/2022 SMHC Annual Election Picnic 2022
08/10/2022 Wednesday Hike: Gabes Mtn, Henwallow Falls and CS34
08/06/2022 Off Trail Hike: LeConte, Roaring Fork, Basin Spring
07/30/2022 Bald River Falls
07/23/2022 Map Marker: Welch Ridge-High Rocks-Bear Creek
07/20/2022 Wednesday Hike: Fighting Creek Gap-Elkmont Loop
07/16/2022 Thomas Divide Trail to Campsite 52
07/16/2022 Off Trail Hike: Drinkwater Pool
07/13/2022 Wednesday Hike: Rich Mountain
07/09/2022 AT Work Trip
07/02/2022 Forks of the River
06/25/2022 Clingmans Dome to Newfound Gap
06/22/2022 Wednesday Hike: Metcalf Bottoms, Little Brier Gap, Little Greenbrier and Laurel Falls Trails
06/18/2022 Gregory Bald via Gregory Ridge
06/12/2022 Easy Hike: Lower Mt Cammerer Trail to Sutton Ridge Overlook
06/11/2022 Spicewood-Chimney Top Loop, Frozen Head State Park
06/11/2022 Off Trail Hike: Frowning Rock Prong
06/08/2022 Wednesday Hike: Lumber Ridge to Meigs Mountain to Campsite 19
05/29/2022 Fork Ridge and Noland Divide Trails with Carolina Mountain Club
05/25/2022 Wednesday Hike: Canal and Baker Hollow, East Lakeshore Trail
05/21/2022 Beech Gap to Bob’s Bald
05/14/2022 Ace Gap Trail
05/14/2022 Map Marker: Deep Creek
05/14/2022 Off Trail Hike: Kuwahi Scar and Rattler Branch
05/11/2022 Wednesday Hike: Sinking Creek, East Lakeshore Trail
05/07/2022 AT Work Trip
04/23/2022 Cosby and Big Creek Backpack
04/23/2022 Black Mountain to Ozone Falls
04/23/2022 Off Trail Hike: Bent Arm Manway
04/20/2022 Wednesday Hike: Shuckstack Mountain
04/16/2022 Panther Branch and Old North Mac Flower Hike
04/13/2022 Wednesday Hike: Ace Gap Trail to Beard Cane Trail to CS3
04/10/2022 Porters Creek
04/09/2022 Off Trail Hike: Courthouse Rock and Quilliam Cave
04/02/2022 AT Work Trip
03/30/2022 Wednesday Hike: Cumberland Trail - Hwy 68 to Black Mountain
03/26/2022 Easy Hike: UT Arboretum
03/26/2022 Rich Mountain Loop
03/26/2022 Off Trail Hike: Blindside Ridge
03/19/2022 Bradley Fork to Cabin Flats
03/16/2022 Wednesday Hike: Laurel Snow State Natural Area—Laurel Falls and Buzzard Point Overlook
03/12/2022 Chestnut Top
03/05/2022 AT Work Trip
03/05/2022 Off Trail Hike: Little Cataloochee
02/27/2022 Easy Hike: Gallaher Bend Greenway
02/26/2022 Abrams Falls from Abrams Creek Ranger Station
02/26/2022 Off Trail Hike: Old Settlers Trail via Big Copeland Creek
02/19/2022 New Member Hike: Rainbow Falls
02/12/2022 Mill Creek and Loyston Point at Norris Lake
02/12/2022 Off Trail Hike: Heintooga Bike & Hike
02/09/2022 Wednesday Hike: Lead Cove/Bote Mountain/Thunderhead
02/05/2022 Old Sugarlands/Twin Creeks/Gatlinburg Trails
02/02/2022 Wednesday Hike: Stinging Fork Falls Section of Cumberland Trail
01/29/2022 Tellico Lakeshore Trail
01/26/2022 Wednesday Hike: West Prong / Bote Mountain / Finley Cane / Lead Cove
01/22/2022 North Boundary Greenway
01/16/2022 Ijams Nature Center
01/15/2022 Little River – Cucumber Loop
01/12/2022 Wednesday Hike: Bird Mountain / Lookout Tower / South Old Mac Loop at Frozen Head State Park
01/08/2022 Alcoa Greenway
01/01/2022 Seven Islands State Birding Park
12/12/2021 House Mountain
12/11/2021 Easy Hike: Wheat Community and Black Burial Grounds
12/08/2021 Wednesday Hike: Frozen Head State Park: Spicewood Trail to Mart Field or Chimney Top
12/04/2021 Spence Field and Russell Field Loop
12/01/2021 Wednesday Hike: Rich Mountain Loop
11/27/2021 Norris Watershed and State Park
11/20/2021 Smokies History Hike
11/13/2021 Easy Hike: Lily Bluff Overlook of the Obed River and Boulder Field Trail
11/13/2021 Off Trail Hike: Panther Stairs
11/10/2021 Wednesday Hike: Lakeshore Trail to CS90
11/07/2021 AT Work Trip
11/03/2021 Wednesday Hike: Brushy Mountain
10/30/2021 Mount Cammerer
10/24/2021 Easy Hike: New Trails at Sharps Ridge Veterans Memorial Park
10/24/2021 Brushy Mountain
10/20/2021 Wednesday Hike: Lost Creek State Natural Area to Virgin Falls
10/16/2021 Shuckstack Fire Tower
10/16/2021 Off-Trail Hike: The Spire
10/09/2021 Fiery Gizzard Trail, South Cumberland State Park
10/06/2021 Wednesday Hike: Ramsey Cascades Out and Back
10/02/2021 AT Work Trip
09/25/2021 AT Family Hike: Davenport Gap and Shelter
09/25/2021 Mount LeConte
09/22/2021 Wednesday Hike: Elkmont Loop to CS23
09/18/2021 Off-Trail Hike: Wilson Falls
09/15/2021 Wednesday Hike: Mount LeConte
09/11/2021 AT Work Trip
09/05/2021 Easy Hike: Urban Wilderness Gateway and Baker Creek
09/04/2021 History Walk: Manhattan Project
08/28/2021 Clingmans Dome to Newfound Gap
08/21/2021 Easy Hike: Tennessee Arboretum
08/21/2021 Hemphill Bald
08/14/2021 SMHC Annual Election Picnic
08/11/2021 Wednesday Hike: Middle Prong Trail to Indian Flats Falls
08/08/2021 A.T. Vista Hike
08/07/2021 AT Work Trip
08/07/2021 Off-Trail Hike: The Gorges
08/04/2021 Wednesday Hike: Gabes Mountain Trail to Campsite 34
07/31/2021 Easy Hike: Little River Trail and Elkmont
07/31/2021 Charlies Bunion
07/28/2021 Wednesday Hike: Little River, Huskey Gap and Sugarland Mtn Trails
07/24/2021 Cumberland Trail to New River & Lick Creek Peak
07/24/2021 Off-Trail Hike: Steeltrap Falls
07/21/2021 Wednesday Hike: Rich Mtn, Indian Grave Gap, and Scott Mtn
07/17/2021 Knoxville Botanical Garden
07/10/2021 AT Work Trip
06/26/2021 Cataloochee Divide
06/19/2021 Gregory Bald via Long Hungry Ridge
06/12/2021 The Rocky Crag, Off-Trail Hike
06/12/2021 Roan Mountain Backpack
06/05/2021 National Trails Day Event
05/31/2021 Memorial Day joint SMHC/CMC hike: Kephart Prong to A.T. by two routes!
05/29/2021 Ramsey Cascade Hike
05/08/2021 Hike - Ace Gap
05/01/2021 AT Work Trip
04/24/2021 Hike - Black Mountain / Cumberland Trail
04/18/2021 Hike - White Oak Sink
04/17/2021 Hike - Frozen Head Wildflower Hike
For information about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, visit the NPS website or call the information line at (865) 436-1200.

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