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Upcoming events

    • 08/13/2022
    • 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
    • GATOP Gardens and Arboretum, 2634 Delrose Drive, Knoxville, TN

    Our annual SMHC Election Picnic will be held at The University of Tennessee/GATOP Arboretum and Education Center. The address for the gardens is 2634 Delrose Drive, Knoxville. Please note this address has changed from the originally listed address. Watch for balloons hanging at the entrance to parking, and then visit the tent to get a map to the gardens. Please bring a bagged lunch and a chair. We will provide drinks and dessert. Arrive early to explore the gardens between 11am and noon, then settle in for a special lunch treat with The Missing Goats Band playing Blue Grass, Irish, Scottish, and Appalachian music. Dana Soehn with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service will give a brief talk after lunch, then President Ken Wise will conduct Club business, including electing our slate of officers for 2023. Be sure to check out the table with SMHC merchandise as well as the list of future hikes that need leaders for 2023. This is your chance to see our schedule for hikes for next year and sign up to be a leader or co-leader as well as enjoy a delightful program!

    Register your attendance through the website, or if needed you may call Jeannette Gilbert 865-483-8774 or Debbie Goddard 865-382-3047 with questions.

    • 08/20/2022
    • 7:00 AM
    • Cracker Barrel, 1510 Cracker Barrel Ln, Knoxville, TN 37914

    Let’s take the opportunity to make a long trek to the Cataloochee area and hike these lesser traveled trails. We will have to make a car shuttle along the sometimes rough gravel road NC284 from Big Creek/Mt Sterling town with extra cars and leave half of them at Mt. Sterling Gap. We then drive on the rest of old NC284 to Pretty Hollow Gap trailhead in Cataloochee and start hiking. We reach the Little Cataloochee trail in a short distance which climbs over a small ridge and descends down into Little Cataloochee Valley with several historic structures to visit. We will follow the Little Cataloochee trail to the end at Old NC284 then backtrack a short distance to the Long Bunk trail. The Long Bunk trail passes a cemetery and has several scenic views as it climbs gradually to the Mt. Sterling Ridge trail at the gap where shuttle cars are parked. We will return along NC284 to pick up the other cars and may choose to drive back via Cove Creek Rd and I-40. Hike is a total of 11 miles with elevation gain of 1500 ft. Rated moderate.Meet at Cracker Barrel off I-40 at Exit 398 in the southeast corner parking lot at 7:00 am. Round trip driving 160 miles @ 0.10/mile=$16.00.

    Leader: Tim Bigelow

    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

    • 08/20/2022
    • 8:00 AM
    • Cosby Campground Hiker Parking Area, GSMNP

    On this AT work trip, we will be hiking out of Cosby along the Low Gap Trail. Once at Low Gap, we will divide into groups with some participants going north and some south. We will perform general maintenance duties including clearing out vegetation and cleaning water bars.

    Leader: Mark Shipley
    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

    • 08/24/2022
    • 8:45 AM
    • Tremont Institute, GSMNP

    We’ll see three multi-tiered falls including Lower Lynn Camp, Lynn Camp and Indian Flats. Historic artifacts to be seen along the trail include the rusting Cadillac, a homestead chimney and remnants from logging operations of the past. Hike will be out and back. RT is 7.8 miles. Rated moderate with elevation gain of 1175 ft. Meet at Alcoa Food City at 8:00AM or the trailhead at 8:45AM. Drive 50 miles RT {@ 0.10/mile = $5.00}.

    Leader: Steve Vittatoe

    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

    • 08/27/2022
    • 9:00 AM
    • UT Arboretum, 901 S. Illinois Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

    We'll meet in the parking lot of The University of Tennessee Arboretum at 9:00AM for an hour-long easy hike. The Arboretum is located at 901 S. Illinois Avenue, Oak Ridge. We will see some things that are at their peak in the summer and fall, such as the bog garden, the rain garden, and the Elmore holly collection. There will be a little bit about local history prior to the Manhattan Project taking over this boot-legging farming "hollow," as well. And if our new book on the Nature Book Trail is up by late August, we will check out Bugs on the Job.

    Leader: Janet Bigelow

    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

    • 08/28/2022
    • 7:00 AM
    • Cracker Barrel, 1510 Cracker Barrel Ln, Knoxville, TN 37914

    This hike begins with leaving some cars at the Noland Divide trailhead near the Deep Creek campground and driving over to Noland Creek trailhead off Lakeshore Drive. The Noland Creek trail follows the noisy scenic creek and gradually ascends to the end at Sassafras Gap at 4200 ft elevation. Along the way are a few remnants of historical structures and several campsites. There are several possibly deep creek crossings so water shoes and hiking poles are recommended. At the gap, we follow the Nolan Divide trail with a few ups and downs but mostly downhill to Deep Creek. We pass the Lonesome Pine overlook area and enjoy the views of the area and rest up a bit before the last bit of downhill to the cars. We will drive over to pick up the other cars. A stop in Bryson City is an option on the way back. Hike 17 miles with 2900 ft elevation gain. Rated difficult. Meet at Cracker Barrel off I-40 at Exit 398 in the southeast corner parking lot at 7:00AM. Round trip driving 160 miles @ 0.10 = $16.00.

    Leader: Tim Bigelow

    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

    • 09/10/2022
    • 8:45 AM
    • Clingmans Dome, GSMNP
    • 12

    With the assumption that Icewater privy will still be closed, we will plan to backpack mulch to Double Springs shelter for storage in the privy mulch boxes there. As many folks know, mulch is crucial for the function of the composting privies in the Park, and we want to be sure supplies are adequate for the southbound thru-hikers this fall! We will have pre-bagged mulch in 20 lb. bags, as well as extra backpacking-style backpacks if you need one. Please meet at Cracker Barrel off of the Strawberry Plains exit (1510 Cracker Barrel Lane) at 7AM, or at the Clingmans Dome parking lot at 8:45AM. Bring plenty of water, sturdy shoes, and snacks/ lunch. Roundtrip gas mileage from Cracker Barrel to Clingmans Dome and back is $11.00.

    Leader: Diane Petrilla
    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

    • 10/01/2022
    • GSMNP - Newfound Gap
    • 12

    The October work trip will take place about 1.2 miles northeast of Newfound Gap. We will work to return the trail tread to its proper location and improve water drainage in the area. The work will require moving rocks and possibly adding steps. Participants will need to dress for the weather and bring work gloves, lunch, and water.

    Pre-registration is required. Masks are now required for all those participating in carpools, shuttles or key swaps, regardless of vaccination status. You may also choose to drive your own vehicle to the trailhead.

    Leader: Mark and Janet Snyder
    Leader contact information is included under Additional Information in the email you receive after registration.

Past events

08/10/2022 Wednesday Hike: Gabes Mtn, Henwallow Falls and CS34
08/06/2022 Off Trail Hike: LeConte, Roaring Fork, Basin Spring
07/30/2022 Bald River Falls
07/23/2022 Map Marker: Welch Ridge-High Rocks-Bear Creek
07/20/2022 Wednesday Hike: Fighting Creek Gap-Elkmont Loop
07/16/2022 Thomas Divide Trail to Campsite 52
07/16/2022 Off Trail Hike: Drinkwater Pool
07/13/2022 Wednesday Hike: Rich Mountain
07/09/2022 AT Work Trip
07/02/2022 Forks of the River
06/25/2022 Clingmans Dome to Newfound Gap
06/22/2022 Wednesday Hike: Metcalf Bottoms, Little Brier Gap, Little Greenbrier and Laurel Falls Trails
06/18/2022 Gregory Bald via Gregory Ridge
06/12/2022 Easy Hike: Lower Mt Cammerer Trail to Sutton Ridge Overlook
06/11/2022 Spicewood-Chimney Top Loop, Frozen Head State Park
06/11/2022 Off Trail Hike: Frowning Rock Prong
06/08/2022 Wednesday Hike: Lumber Ridge to Meigs Mountain to Campsite 19
05/29/2022 Fork Ridge and Noland Divide Trails with Carolina Mountain Club
05/25/2022 Wednesday Hike: Canal and Baker Hollow, East Lakeshore Trail
05/21/2022 Beech Gap to Bob’s Bald
05/14/2022 Ace Gap Trail
05/14/2022 Map Marker: Deep Creek
05/14/2022 Off Trail Hike: Kuwahi Scar and Rattler Branch
05/11/2022 Wednesday Hike: Sinking Creek, East Lakeshore Trail
05/07/2022 AT Work Trip
04/23/2022 Cosby and Big Creek Backpack
04/23/2022 Black Mountain to Ozone Falls
04/23/2022 Off Trail Hike: Bent Arm Manway
04/20/2022 Wednesday Hike: Shuckstack Mountain
04/16/2022 Panther Branch and Old North Mac Flower Hike
04/13/2022 Wednesday Hike: Ace Gap Trail to Beard Cane Trail to CS3
04/10/2022 Porters Creek
04/09/2022 Off Trail Hike: Courthouse Rock and Quilliam Cave
04/02/2022 AT Work Trip
03/30/2022 Wednesday Hike: Cumberland Trail - Hwy 68 to Black Mountain
03/26/2022 Easy Hike: UT Arboretum
03/26/2022 Rich Mountain Loop
03/26/2022 Off Trail Hike: Blindside Ridge
03/19/2022 Bradley Fork to Cabin Flats
03/16/2022 Wednesday Hike: Laurel Snow State Natural Area—Laurel Falls and Buzzard Point Overlook
03/12/2022 Chestnut Top
03/05/2022 AT Work Trip
03/05/2022 Off Trail Hike: Little Cataloochee
02/27/2022 Easy Hike: Gallaher Bend Greenway
02/26/2022 Abrams Falls from Abrams Creek Ranger Station
02/26/2022 Off Trail Hike: Old Settlers Trail via Big Copeland Creek
02/19/2022 New Member Hike: Rainbow Falls
02/12/2022 Mill Creek and Loyston Point at Norris Lake
02/12/2022 Off Trail Hike: Heintooga Bike & Hike
02/09/2022 Wednesday Hike: Lead Cove/Bote Mountain/Thunderhead
02/05/2022 Old Sugarlands/Twin Creeks/Gatlinburg Trails
02/02/2022 Wednesday Hike: Stinging Fork Falls Section of Cumberland Trail
01/29/2022 Tellico Lakeshore Trail
01/26/2022 Wednesday Hike: West Prong / Bote Mountain / Finley Cane / Lead Cove
01/22/2022 North Boundary Greenway
01/16/2022 Ijams Nature Center
01/15/2022 Little River – Cucumber Loop
01/12/2022 Wednesday Hike: Bird Mountain / Lookout Tower / South Old Mac Loop at Frozen Head State Park
01/08/2022 Alcoa Greenway
01/01/2022 Seven Islands State Birding Park
12/12/2021 House Mountain
12/11/2021 Easy Hike: Wheat Community and Black Burial Grounds
12/08/2021 Wednesday Hike: Frozen Head State Park: Spicewood Trail to Mart Field or Chimney Top
12/04/2021 Spence Field and Russell Field Loop
12/01/2021 Wednesday Hike: Rich Mountain Loop
11/27/2021 Norris Watershed and State Park
11/20/2021 Smokies History Hike
11/13/2021 Easy Hike: Lily Bluff Overlook of the Obed River and Boulder Field Trail
11/13/2021 Off Trail Hike: Panther Stairs
11/10/2021 Wednesday Hike: Lakeshore Trail to CS90
11/07/2021 AT Work Trip
11/03/2021 Wednesday Hike: Brushy Mountain
10/30/2021 Mount Cammerer
10/24/2021 Easy Hike: New Trails at Sharps Ridge Veterans Memorial Park
10/24/2021 Brushy Mountain
10/20/2021 Wednesday Hike: Lost Creek State Natural Area to Virgin Falls
10/16/2021 Shuckstack Fire Tower
10/16/2021 Off-Trail Hike: The Spire
10/09/2021 Fiery Gizzard Trail, South Cumberland State Park
10/06/2021 Wednesday Hike: Ramsey Cascades Out and Back
10/02/2021 AT Work Trip
09/25/2021 AT Family Hike: Davenport Gap and Shelter
09/25/2021 Mount LeConte
09/22/2021 Wednesday Hike: Elkmont Loop to CS23
09/18/2021 Off-Trail Hike: Wilson Falls
09/15/2021 Wednesday Hike: Mount LeConte
09/11/2021 AT Work Trip
09/05/2021 Easy Hike: Urban Wilderness Gateway and Baker Creek
09/04/2021 History Walk: Manhattan Project
08/28/2021 Clingmans Dome to Newfound Gap
08/21/2021 Easy Hike: Tennessee Arboretum
08/21/2021 Hemphill Bald
08/14/2021 SMHC Annual Election Picnic
08/11/2021 Wednesday Hike: Middle Prong Trail to Indian Flats Falls
08/08/2021 A.T. Vista Hike
08/07/2021 AT Work Trip
08/07/2021 Off-Trail Hike: The Gorges
08/04/2021 Wednesday Hike: Gabes Mountain Trail to Campsite 34
07/31/2021 Easy Hike: Little River Trail and Elkmont
07/31/2021 Charlies Bunion
07/28/2021 Wednesday Hike: Little River, Huskey Gap and Sugarland Mtn Trails
07/24/2021 Cumberland Trail to New River & Lick Creek Peak
07/24/2021 Off-Trail Hike: Steeltrap Falls
07/21/2021 Wednesday Hike: Rich Mtn, Indian Grave Gap, and Scott Mtn
07/17/2021 Knoxville Botanical Garden
07/10/2021 AT Work Trip
06/26/2021 Cataloochee Divide
06/19/2021 Gregory Bald via Long Hungry Ridge
06/12/2021 The Rocky Crag, Off-Trail Hike
06/12/2021 Roan Mountain Backpack
06/05/2021 National Trails Day Event
05/31/2021 Memorial Day joint SMHC/CMC hike: Kephart Prong to A.T. by two routes!
05/29/2021 Ramsey Cascade Hike
05/08/2021 Hike - Ace Gap
05/01/2021 AT Work Trip
04/24/2021 Hike - Black Mountain / Cumberland Trail
04/18/2021 Hike - White Oak Sink
04/17/2021 Hike - Frozen Head Wildflower Hike
For information about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, visit the NPS website or call the information line at (865) 436-1200.

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